Tanzania: Govt Commits to Attract More Investors in Mining

Tanzania: Govt Commits to Attract More Investors in Mining

By Dativa Minja

THE government has pledged to continue improving investment climate in order to attract more investors for mutual benefits.

Minerals Deputy Minister, Dr Steven Kiruswa said that the government has been improving laws, policies and regulations so that investors can conduct their activities smoothly.

Dr Kiruswa made the remarks during the signing of an agreement on research and analysis between the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) School of Mines and Geoscience (SoMG) and Rocket Tanzania Limited in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

He said improvement of laws, policies and regulations also aimed at making the government and e communities in respective areas to benefit.

Dr Kiruswa said that Rocket Tanzania Limited will do modern mining which will have less impact on environment.

“I questioned them about the long-term and short-term impact, especially on the environment…. they assured me that these are minerals that are safe and free from pollution and the system they will use is not that of excavating a large area that can distract the surface,” said Kiruswa.

He advised a joint meeting between Rocket Tanzania Limited and mining stakeholders to train them on the type of mining and ways of excavating without affecting the environment.

“I call on these experts from UDSM, State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) and the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) as well as investors to join hands so that everyone can acquire knowledge,” he said.

He commended the Rocket Tanzania Limited for cooperating with UDSM experts in conducting research and services including the study of helium gas.

Dr Kisurwa said the project is beneficial to the nation since it will provide direct employment to more than 100 people, improving infrastructure and boost economies.

The UDSM Vice Chancellor, Prof William Anangisye said the university recognizes its role in community development especially in the production of knowledge that helps to solve various challenges.

“UDSM has expanded the scope of research funding and innovation to increase collaboration with stakeholders in various sectors,” said Prof Anangisye.

On his part, the SoMG Acting Dean, Dr Emmanuel Kazimoto said in 2017 Tanzania received preliminary information regarding the presence of helium gas in Lake Rukwa.

“Since then, about five years ago, UDSM through the former Department of Geology in collaboration with Oxford University focused on research into the presence and origin of helium gas in the Rukwa basin.

He said UDSM has extensive experience of helium gas resources in Africa where they use a rare device to explore the resource in East, Central and southern Africa.

“Due to our commitment, UDSM has been able to acquire a special natural gas exploration device including helium called ‘Min Ruedi’ thus making it a major African experience in the exploration of the Helium gas resource,” said Kazimoto.

Rocket Tanzania Ltd, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Justyn Wood said they had a long-term partnership with Tanzania so they will partner with UDSM to conduct research using the geological, geochemical and geophysical methods that were also available in the Geoscience department in UDSM.

Mr Wood said the SoMG will also be involved in the company’s projects which include study on helium gas in the soil in the Rukwa basin, to develop a geological map of the Rukwa basin, especially areas believed to have helium gas.

Other projects include the exploration of gas in the soil in the Lake Nyasa basin and the formation of land temperature maps in the Rukwa Basin.

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