Fortescue Metals awards $165mn contract to Sodexo JV

Fortescue Metals awards $165mn contract to Sodexo JV

Sodexo, a leading provider of integrated facilities management services, is set to expand its operations by working with Fortescue Metals across Australia’s energy and resources sector.

Sodexo is a world leader in quality of life services and has been awarded a contract, together with local Native Title groups, for the provision of village services with global iron ore producer Fortescue.

Assets comprise Fortescue’s major camps Hamilton, Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek, where Sodexo is working in a joint venture with Native Title groups Kariyarra Group, Palyku Group and Karlka Group, to ensure positive community engagement and quality of service.

As part of the contract, Sodexo and the Joint Ventures will work with Fortescue to provide services ranging from accommodation to transport and wellbeing, enhancing the quality of life for workers living on site across Fortescue’s operations in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Across the three Fortescue sites, Sodexo will provide a range of village services, including accommodation services management to approximately 3,000 workers in a typical week, catering services – serving up to 8,500 meals daily, industrial cleaning, retail, health and wellbeing, transport and airport management services, as well as trade-based maintenance services delivery at Hamilton.

The announcement is an important milestone for Sodexo after acquiring Morris Corporation two years ago, which expanded Sodexo’s portfolio of facilities management operations in Australia. Morris had been Fortescue’s contractor since 2009.

Darren Hedley, Sodexo CEO of Energy & Resources Asia-Pacific, said the ongoing work with Fortescue showed both companies were aligned in improving quality of village life, and valued strong engagement with communities: “We’re looking forward to working with our Joint Venture partners, Kariyarra Group, Palyku Group and Karlka Group, and Fortescue as we continue to identify opportunities for constant improvements across the sites to deliver the best outcomes for Fortescue, with a priority being maintaining safety and quality operations for its growing workforce,” he commented.

Elizabeth Gaines, Chief Executive Offer, Fortescue added: “These contracts are awarded on merit. Each of our business partners have competitively demonstrated their commercial ability to deliver the contracted services and by working within a joint venture, the Aboriginal business have the support and opportunity to increase their active participation and build long term sustainability.”