Drilling extends high grade rutile at Bua Channel

Drilling extends high grade rutile at Bua Channel

ASX-listed Sovereign Metals has announced that its latest drilling results from the sand-hosted Bua Channel in Malawi have extended the known, high-grade rutile mineralisation to + 8 km channel length.

Malawi – Sovereign has identified a potentially globally significant, strategic rutile province across its large Malawi ground holding. The Malawi Rutile Province features two confirmed, discrete rutile mineralisation styles hosted respectively in sand and saprolite (soft, friable weathered material) which are both amenable to conventional processing.

Rutile mineralisation identified to date has generally not been spatially constrained by drilling at either of the two main prospects, Kasiya (saprolite) and the Bua Channel (sand).

Drilling continues to confirm and extend the high-grade, rutile dominant, sand-hosted, Bua Channel placer deposit within the emerging Malawi Rutile Province.

Air-core and hand-auger drilling results have extended rutile mineralisation to over 8 km length.


Second phase air-core results (37 holes) include:

•             7 m @0.86% rutile, 1.4% ilmenite & 0.08% zircon (from surface)

inc. 3m @ 1.05% rutile,1.7% ilmenite & 0.09% zircon (from 4 m)

•             5 m @ 0.80% rutile, 1.3% ilmenite & 0.07% zircon (from 4 m)

inc.  1m @ 1.11% rutile,1.8% ilmenite & 0.10% zircon (from 8 m)

•             4 m @ 1.11% rutile, 1.8% ilmenite & 0.10% zircon (from 4 m)

inc.  1m @ 1.36% rutile, 2.3% ilmenite & 0.12% zircon (from 7 m)

Second phase hand-auger results (49 holes) include:

•             6 m @ 1.09% rutile, 1.6% ilmenite & 0.13% zircon (from surface)

inc.  4m @ 1.28% rutile,1.9% ilmenite & 0.15% zircon (from 2 m)

•             6 m @ 0.85% rutile, 1.2% ilmenite & 0.11% zircon (from surface)

inc.  4m @ 1.00% rutile,1.4% ilmenite & 0.12% zircon (from 2 m)

•             6 m @ 0.70% rutile, 1.0% ilmenite & 0.11% zircon (from surface)

inc.  4m @ 0.80% rutile,1.1% ilmenite & 0.12% zircon (from 2 m)

The Bua Channel is geologically well defined over a total length of ~50 km. Planning and permitting for a drilling programme to test the remaining ~42km length of the channel is in progress. Extensional and in-fill drilling continues at the saprolite-hosted Kasiya Prospect with additional sample batches already in Perth, Australia for laboratory analysis.

Sovereign’s MD, Dr Julian Stephens commented: “These new results from the Bua Channel are very encouraging and continue to confirm the extensive potential of the Bua Channel. The remaining significant upside with over 40km of channel length to be explored places the Company in an exciting position.

“We are very much looking forward to unlocking what we believe is a globally significant, strategic rutile province in Malawi, as we continue to advance the large, high-grade saprolite-hosted Kasiya Prospect and the sand-hosted Bua Channel Prospect.”

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