Storage tanks for mining and other sectors

Storage tanks for mining and other sectors

Boom times have returned in the mining sector after a hiatus following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago. But bumper revenues are not a given.

To achieve this, mining companies have to pull out all the stops to increase productivity, minimise costs, improve safety and reduce environmental emissions from their activities. And when it comes to the selection of equipment, these aspects have to be taken into account, not least storage tanks.

Extreme prudence required

Recognising the importance of reliable storage tanks in remote sites where their operations are, Hydra Arc tells mining houses to be extremely prudent when purchasing products for their respective needs. This is given that storage tank failure can result in a costly interruption of processes resulting in productivity loss, accidents when leaks release hazardous substances that increase safety risks and pollute the environment. Based in Secunda, Mpumalanga Province in the Republic of South Africa, the company draws on its vast experience in the provision of storage solutions to diverse industries.

Hydra Arc advises prospective clientele involved in mining projects to opt for a service provider with a proven track record in rendering turnkey storage tank solutions. The company meets this criteria with the supply of storage tanks that are scrupulously fabricated at its facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Turnkey storage tank solutions

Hydra Arc’s turnkey solutions span the following areas:  Water storage tanks; Solar pumping systems; and Site assembly, installation and commissioning works. What would particularly be of further interest to clientele is that the company is able to supply storage tanks with a conical bottom cone design. This allows the tanks to be used for either water or grain storage. Moreover, the addition or removal of sections and attachments allows modifications to be done according to required storage capacity and applications, besides facilitating transport to rural areas. Over and above, the integration of solar pump systems and borehole is key to ensuring water service delivery to rural areas.

Most advanced and well-equipped workshop

Hydra Arc’s storage tanks are locally fabricated at its ultramodern Sky-Hill facility, which has 75 000 m2 under roof, and workshop space across four bays. Sky-Hill is recognised as the in South Africa and one of the best globally. It has customisable bay shop floors designed to accommodate custom projects and production lines.

Hydra Arc facility is equipped with state-of-the-art welding equipment and can accommodate the widest range of materials and thicknesses, housing a fully- equipped machine shop for in-house turning, drilling, boring and milling. Moreover, the Sky-Hill shop is designed to be environmentally friendly, is NOSA 5 star rated and has ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 accreditations.

Without question, the most invaluable asset that Hydra Arc has is employees who are widely experienced in key aspects of storage tank fabrication. The employees bend over backwards in delivering storage tanks that are customised to the customer’s particular needs.

High-quality materials and fabrication techniques

Locally developed corrosion-resistant ferritic stainless steel is used for the shells of Hydra Arc water tanks, while tank structures and attachments are manufactured using S355 JR carbon steel. Worth highlighting is that the use of high-quality materials and fabrication techniques helps to reduce costs, minimise maintenance and increase longevity of water solutions, especially in remote areas.

Local involvement

Hydra Arc believes in local input where applicable. For instance in rural areas, with the view of developing the local economy and communities, the company employs local labour for all its assembly and installation requirements. In this way, it adds value and upliftment to areas surrounding its site projects.


The boom in mining projects has opened up opportunities for suppliers of various goods and services. With respect to its niche market, Hydra Arc is relishing being involved in the supply of storage solutions to clientele within South Africa and surrounding areas. The company firmly believes that, adequately resourced and extensively experienced, it is well-positioned to handle storage tank fabrication projects of any magnitude for its clientele.A

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