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Fasten your seat belts as Africa Mining Forum takes off (literally)!

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Year-round platform unites junior mining sector as live event is postponed

The mining industry has gained an exciting new multi-touchpoint partner as Africa Mining Forum the event, transforms into a year-round platform, providing engagement and content for 365 days a year, covering all corners of the continent’s junior mining activities and opportunities.

“COVID-19 has certainly affected everyone’s travel and business plans for this year and even for 2021,” says Elodie Delagneau, event manager for Africa Mining Forum. “However, we still have an insatiable travel bug when it comes to the hottest and emerging mining destinations in East, West, Central and Southern Africa. And so do our clients and partners!”

She explains: “Hence, we are embarking on a new journey, an Africa Mining Tour, and we promise we won’t just be tourists, but true travellers, diving deep into business destinations, commodity markets and project finance! Our tour is taking off and will be providing a full itinerary of first class content, engagement and, best of all, interaction between potential passengers for 365 days a year.”

“Although we have had to postpone our live event in Kigali until November 2021,” Elodie continues, “we will host a five-day digital event from 16-20 November this year. But there is no time for any lay-overs, as we already have four exciting expert excursions lined up in the form of webinars in the run-up to the event, hosted in collaboration with our media partner, Mining Review Africa.”


6 August 2020: The hottest mining destinations in East Africa. Register here

The region is richly endowed with mineral resources that have yet to be exploited and offer attractive investment opportunities – especially as lockdown measures to contain the pandemic are eased and the reopening of the economies continues to boost metals prices. The good news is that key regions in East Africa are home to some of the most in-demand metals and minerals, including Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.


– Rocky Smith, CEO | Peak Resources Limited

– Brian Menell, Chairman and CEO | TechMet Ltd

– Andrew Smith, President and CEO | East Africa Metals Inc

– Marcus Courage, CEO | Africa Practice Ltd

23 September 2020: What’s hot and happening in West Africa? Register here

The emerging markets of West Africa offer significant opportunities. The region is recognized as “new gold frontier” and West Africa has the biggest gold growth rate in the world, despite the current pandemic. At present, 74% of all exploration projects are focusing on gold. African Mining Forum will dive into the current and future potential in Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and Mali, where key investors and mining operators will share their experiences and expectations of the markets in those territories.

20 October 2020: Your guide to invest in Southern African mining post COVID-19

We will take a close look at the situation in Southern Africa amid the pandemic and the current dynamics in strategic and mature markets such as Botswana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. COVID-19 has significantly changed operating models, as well as investors’ approach and decision-making. However, there are opportunities in key metals and minerals in demand found in these territories, which will support the recovery of strategic mining economies.

3 November 2020: Investing in Central Africa’s gem: Unpacking regulation changes to open up Angola’s diamond sector

Start your engines as we prepare for take-off

“We don’t want to unveil too much too soon, but our digital event from 16-12 November this year will gather the best of African mining…” says Elodie. “Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect to be on the itinerary.”

–Australia / Africa Investment

– Strategic Markets in West Africa

– Ministerial Forum

– Finance & Investment / Junior Mining

– DRC Focus Day

– Women in Mining Assembly

– CEO Forum

– Power to the Mines

– Building a Processing Industry

– Build your COVID-19 Recovery Plan

– African Commodities Outlook: 12 months, 5 years and 10 years from now

“Stay tuned to get updates in the next few weeks as we are finalising bookings and loading our cargo. All aboard?” Elodie asks laughing, “it’s time to pack your bags and join our Africa Mining Tour! No passport, visas or vaccinations needed!”

She adds: “Our mission and final destination has not changed, we are just expanding our modes of transport. Africa Mining Forum remains committed to delivering timely, relevant and up-to-date information, focusing on the needs of junior miners related to investment, access to finance, capital raising and crisis management across Africa.”

Event ambassadors

Africa Mining Forum already has an impressive list of mining pioneers who have checked in as official AMF ambassadors and will be travelling the distance.

William Witham, CEO of AAMEG, the Australia-Africa Minerals & Energy Group:

“Despite COVID-19, all our members’ operations are continuing and the supply lines are keeping open. Looking ahead, collaboration between government, civil society and the private sector will play an important role in helping African economies and to rebuild supply chains. The mining industry will have a crucial role to play in responsibly producing the metals and minerals needed to aid economic recovery and continue the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Dr Tony Harwood, CEO of Montero Mining, is involved in developing lithium and tin projects in Namibia, a rare earth project in Tanzania and gold projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania  and the DRC:

“The true potential of the East and Central African region has not been yet realised and it has seen little in foreign investment in the mining sector. There is a great deal happening in the regions and the forum provides a platform to showcase the opportunities that the region provides as well and the policies of Government to attract investment and uplift the peoples of the region.”

Eric Bruggeman, Director and CEO of SACEEC, The South African Capital Equipment Council:

“Africa, whether North, South, East or West, is an extremely important market for the SACEEC members and they view Africa Mining Forum as a vital platform.”

Aleksandra Cholewa, Director of Investment and Development at Luma Holdings LTD; LuNa Smelter, Rwanda:

“Africa Mining Forum should serve as an experience exchange, provide a platform for regional and international networking, and last but not least, initiate the important discussion on the crucial regional cooperation for the post COVID-19 period.”

This exciting new interactive mining investment platform has its roots in the very successful East & Central Africa Mining Forum, which took place in Kigali last year, hosted by the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB).

Africa Mining Forum (formerly East & Central Africa Mining Forum) is organised by Clarion Events Africa, a leading Cape Town-based and multi-award winning organiser of exhibitions and conferences across the continent in the infrastructure, energy and mining sectors. Other well-known events by Clarion Events Africa include DRC Mining Week, Nigeria Mining Week, African Utility Week & POWERGEN Africa, Utility CEO Forums, Future Energy East Africa and Future Energy Nigeria. The company is part of the UK-based Clarion Events Group.

African Mining Forum dates and location:

Webinar series (online): From 6 August 2020

Digital event: 16-20 November 2020

365 days a year digital engagement: Watch this space!

Onsite event in Kigali: November 2021





LinkedIN: Africa Mining Forum


Media contact:

Senior communications manager: Annemarie Roodbol

Office: +27 21 700 3558


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