African mining equipment supply major BIA Group adds underground with GHH alliance

African mining equipment supply major BIA Group adds underground with GHH alliance

BIA Group says it has completed its mining offer in Africa by entering into an alliance with GHH. “By adding underground products to its portfolio, BIA position itself as the complete full liner towards mining customers in Africa. For GHH Group this partnership means a drastic expansion of its presence in the African market. The company can rely on the more than 1,000 employees securing sales and after sales, as well as BIA’s undeniable advantage of an extremely well established company with track record experience in the African market.”

BIA has been active since 1902 and recognised by its customers for the quality of its products and services in the mining and quarrying, construction, transport and energy sectors. The company stated: “Present in more than 20 countries in West and Central Africa as well as in the Benelux regions, the family-owned group distinguishes itself through the extent of its network and state-of-the-art technical facilities close to its clients’ operations.”

Continuously developing its capabilities and expertise to meet the ever-growing customer needs, BIA provides a wide range of solutions including: equipment sales, structured financing solutions, supply chain management, maintenance and repair contracts, training as well as technological innovations to increase the safety and productivity of job sites. In the mining industry, BIA distributes complementary brands, mainly oriented to surface mining. “GHH’s specific equipment is therefore a perfect addition to the existing product range, opening opportunities to expand the business towards underground mining.”

With its loaders, dump trucks, drill rigs, roof bolters and numerous special-purpose utility vehicles, GHH Group is growing its international footprint in key geographical locations and the range of activities underpinning the business is continually expanding. GHH Group comprises various subsidiaries, including GHH Fahrzeuge, GHH Mining Machines and Mine Master, as well as sales areas and partners around the world. The company says it “counts among the world’s leading suppliers not only of machines, but also of the associated services – which are becoming increasingly important.”

From 2021, BIA will include large parts of the GHH equipment range in their supply and service program. “This expanded offering creates great potential for both companies, with robust reliable products from GHH Group as well as the extensive skill, experience and footprint of the BIA team.”

Territorially, the focus is on Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroun, Chad, Central Africa Rep, Congo Rep, DRC, Zambia, Rwanda and Burundi. GHH has always handled the rest of the continent through its GHH Mining Machines subsidiary in South Africa, which also manufactures vehicles, and through Zimbabwe Mine Machines and its international team.

“In the field of mining machinery, the GHH team put themselves in an unrivalled position with BIA and on the flipside BIA is now able to offer a significantly increased product portfolio to its customers. Always important is the intensive support of customers before, during and after the purchase.”

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