Nokia and Sedna partner on private LTE for the African market

Nokia and Sedna partner on private LTE for the African market

To help African mining companies on their journey to Industry 4.0 and let them sustainably and responsibly transform their businesses, Sedna Industrial IT Solutions and Nokia are extending their partnership. With demand for digitisation and automation in mining on the rise, Sedna and Nokia signed an agreement during GITEX 2022 in Dubai to join forces to accelerate this drive.

The agreement will see market-leading Nokia private LTE networks installed and supported “to deliver safer, more efficient, and productive solutions in operational areas. Sedna will assist in the solution design and identification of a suitable device ecosystem.” The deal will leverage Sedna’s strong regional presence and mining know-how. Sedna and Nokia will also together work on a spectrum strategy for bespoke customer use cases.

Sedna, a mining facing solution integrator, started operations in 2006 with the focus on scoping, sourcing, installing, and supporting enabling OT network technologies. Their vision is to give business leaders the confidence to make mission critical decisions based on real time, system extracted information; and leverage their knowledge of mining operational areas to deliver engineered solutions safely and predictably. The group has active operations on three continents and works with both global and regional mining houses.

A statement provided to IM said that the success of Sedna’s African business “can be attributed to the unwavering focus on industrial customers and addressing their challenges. They have worked with most large miners across the majority of resources to add value to their respective OT environments. These engagements focus on the simple principles of standing up enabling technology networks, managing, and supporting the production systems, integrating data outputs, and presenting this information to the organisation’s decision makers.”

Nokia has already deployed more than 65 private wireless mining networks with over 35 mining companies worldwide. Sedna installed Africa’s first licensed spectrum private LTE network in South Africa as well as Africa’s first underground leaky feeder licensed spectrum Private LTE network.

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