Balaka Sits On Rare Earth Minerals

Balaka Sits On Rare Earth Minerals

Naomi Mcwanda

Baraka lies on he one of the world’s rarest earth minerals, and Baraka District Council officials see the district transforming into a mining town in the near future.

The Kangankundi rare earth mine in Baraka, Senzani is one of the most unique rare earth mines in the world because it is non-radioactive, according to Lindian Resources Limited officials.

They said so on Saturday during a surveillance exercise by the Baraka District Council.

Alistair Stephens, chief executive of Lindian Resources Limited, said there is absolutely no radioactivity at the Kangankundi rare earth mine.

“Most rare earth mines are radioactive, like uranium mines, but this is one of the most unique mines. “It also contains high-quality, high-purity minerals such as monazite, which is sold as a premium product worldwide.

“When we started diamond drilling (drilling with diamond bits) last November, the idea was to understand the grade and style of rare earth mineralization. of prospects, indicating the need to quickly track the actual mining project.

“We’re hiring engineers to start the actual construction of the mine’s civil infrastructure,” Stephens said.

He said the drilling operation cost him only $5 million, while the first phase cost him $25 million and employ nearly 70 people, most of them from the community.

Baraka District Council Chief Planning Officer Edgar Chihana said the Secretariat and Council members wanted to acknowledge the progress Lindian Resources made at last year’s District General Council and Executive Committee meetings. said he was thinking “We have had several mining industry investors who were not honest enough and did not develop mining sites.

“We are pleased that Lindian Resources is advancing the Kangankundi Rare Earth Mine to benefit local people through employment, corporate social responsibility such as planting trees and distributing chlorine to prevent cholera.” he said.

He John Bamusi, chairman of the Balaka Civil Society Network, said companies interested in mining should follow the  Minerals and Mining Act 2019. This law stipulates how governments and communities can benefit from mining activities.

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