Tanzania: Mining Companies Now to Debate Copper Concentrate Export Waivers

Tanzania: Mining Companies Now to Debate Copper Concentrate Export Waivers

CONSTRUCTION of gold refining plant in Geita region is in advanced stage of completion, township Council Executive Director, Apolinary Modest has said.

The project seating at a 3,500 square metre piece of land with a capacity to purify the precious metal to about 99.9 per cent is being constructed by Geita Gold Refinery Limited at Magogo suburb in the outskirt of the town.

However, Eng Modest said the installation of equipment was pushed ahead following delays in importation that was affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We expect the equipment to arrive anytime from next month. This is a strategic investment that will help purify our gold,” the director who is the mineral engineer said.

Technically, gold extracted by small scale miners is between 70 and 90 per cent pure and that the private investment will help the region increases the ability to purify the metal which is also associated with other minerals.

According to the director, the unpurified mineral has been exported with metals such as zinc, aluminium and copper that could also contribute to employment creation as well as revenue collection.

“This will also help the government determine the volume of minerals produced other than gold,” he added.

Geita is leading in the gold production in the country with at least 34 gold processing plants, but the state of the art plant is seen to be more strategic in complementing the government’s effort to advance its industrial economy.

Last year, the refinery plant investor revealed that the facility will house an integrated bullion depository with a 50 tonne UL certified Class 3 vault-the highest rating in the industry.

The ‘Daily News’ reported that the Ministry of Minerals has so far granted the company a Gold Refining Licence for it to now produce internationally recognized and marketed ingots such as kilo-bars and 400 troy-ounce bars.

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