INSTROTECH, local representative of Senix Corporation, offers cost-effective, continuous, non-contact tank level measurement and control for small and large tanks.  Easily installed at the top of the tank, the devices are not immersed in the liquid, and can measure both benign and chemical liquids either indoors or outdoors.

Senix ToughSonic sensors are shipped with free SenixVIEW software, featuring over 60 changeable parameters, such as:

  • Built-in-Switches can control liquid levels, alarms and more
  • Control the liquid level in a tank by setting the switch to turn a pump or valve ON or OFF at specific levels
  • Set an alarm output for high level, low level or both
  • Set switches to NPN type (sinking) or PNP type (sourcing) for universal compatibility
  • Organise functions and responses using delays, initial power-up states, hysteresis and window modes, and loss of target states with an associated time delay
  • Filtering & Processing Optionsallow filters to ignore turbulence, stirrers, waves, or other unwanted objects that would otherwise interfere with measurements.
  • Output data can be smoothed by using the averaging filters to average a series of measurements or limit the rate at which the outputs change
  • Selectable Measurement Ratesan interface and control a wide variety of accessories such as Displays, Alarms, Relays, etc.

SenixVIEW software easily allows for set up duplication of other sensors without re-calibration, and the AirWire LoRa wireless option sends tank levels to a LAN or the Cloud, and can be monitored with Senix Cloud-based software.  These are just a sample of the many features available in the powerful and versatile SenixVIEW software.

Contact INSTROTECH, manufacturer and distributor of process control instrumentation and specialised systems, to find more about tough and intelligent Senix CHEM Level and Distance Sensors and SenixVIEW software on 010 595 1831 or sales@instrotech.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instrotech

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2882787

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