BT Industrial: Transforming the industrial landscape

BT Industrial: Transforming the industrial landscape

BT INDUSTRIAL – a new-generation, black-owned, business driven by innovation, international standards, and service excellence – is transforming the industrial landscape in South Africa.

As a manufacturer of HDPE pipes, BT Industrial conforms to the local content requirement of the new Mining Charter, meaning that every R1 spend translates into in a R1.28 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) benefit for its mining clients.

“Our clients cite this as being crucial for their own B-BBEE scores,” founder and managing director Kgomotso Lekola comments.

BT Industrial recently received a prestigious CEO Circle Entrepreneurs 2019 Award. It was selected as one of seven medium-sized black owned and managed businesses, from an initial tally of 140, to be transformed into national champions over the next five years.

The seven businesses selected currently all have revenues between R50 million and R100 million, and will be nurtured over the next five years to have a value in excess of R500 million.

Competitive edge

Not only does BT Industrial manufacture its HDPE pipes to the highest standards, but its high-capacity plant in Roodekop, Germiston allows it to achieve unmatched production efficiencies.

As a result, it can offer superior price performance to its customers, which gives it a major competitive edge in the industry.

BT Industrial has executed a number of critical mining and infrastructure piping projects, and in all cases it has outperformed expectations.

Applications include fresh water and wastewater conveyance, water and chemicals used in industrial processes, petroleum products, and even fibre-optic ducting.

The company is ISO 9001-accredited, and is one of the very few manufacturers with SABS accreditation.

With innovation as its key driver, BT Industrial has developed an array of proprietary technologies in collaboration with top universities in the field of engineering.

Its proprietary developments in piping systems and solutions include a unique solution to manage the problem of corrosion at pipe supports in process plants, statistically the most common cause of external piping failure due to corrosion.

“Our solution allows plants to maximise their hours of operation while carrying out critical inspection and maintenance of corroded carbon steel pipes,” Lekola highlights

Apart from product and technology innovations, the company has also invested significantly in a sophisticated ERP system that will make to easier to scale-up its operations for future expansion.

This gives it strict control over its production, from the raw materials inputted at the beginning to the rate of production, any issues on the production line, and the quantity of scrap that results.

“Operationally this takes us to the next level, as we have a direct line of sight into our daily operations,” Lekola concludes.

For more information contact: Kgomotso Maphai

Tel: (011) 966 8058