Kenmare starts processing at Pilivili in Mozambique

Kenmare starts processing at Pilivili in Mozambique

Titanium feedstock producer Kenmare Resources has started production at the Pilivili high-grade zone of its Moma project in Mozambique.

The Wet Concentrator Plant B has started production ahead of schedule, after the company recently moved the 7,000t plant and a 1.700t floating dredge 23km along a purpose-built road to  new location within the project area.

The cost of the move and installation is estimated at over US$106 million and will enable the company to achieve a production rate of 1.2 million t/yr of ilmenite from 2021 at Moma, a 35% increase on last year.

The Moma mine is one of the largest titanium minerals deposits in the world and following the relocation, Kenmare will provide approximately 10% of the global supply of titanium feedstock.